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Fram Pro® Series Filter Program

This is a professional-grade product line designed to help technicians grow their businesses. The FRAM Pro Series provides the products and tools to sell premium service changes.

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FRAM Pro Series is the first product line that aligns oil filters with the specific oil (Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic).

FRAM Pro Series brings filtration back into the conversation of oil changes.

The FRAM Pro Series product line is broad and addresses the needs of end users. A product line that creates some excitement in the marketplace with profit opportunity based on oil change trade ups. The traditional market trend offers the customer quality oil choices. FRAM Pro Series offers specially designed filters that align with those oil offerings.

FRAM Pro Synthetic® Oil Filter - For full synthetic and blended oil changes.

FRAM Pro® Oil Filter - For conventional oil changes.

FRAM Pro® Air and Cabin Air Filters - Top quality air filtration.

The FRAM Pro® Series Filter Program offers core benefits throughout your supply chain:

Professional Technician
The FRAM Pro Series line of filters can help you get more dollars from every oil and air change service performed with market priced solutions, while giving your customers peace of mind between changes.

End Users
Helps them make an educated decision on filter protection for their vehicles. Instills confidence that they are using the best filtration products available.

This professional-grade product line means business, all the way.

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FRAM Pro Synthetic®

Engineered to optimize synthetic and blended oil life

Ultimate Engine Protection††

Dual layer Synthetic Media with Metal Backing

†FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of FPS8A, 3387A, and 4967 or equivalent FRAM FPP or FPS models under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns

††when compared to Fram Pro® models

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Quality filter designed for conventional oil

Advanced Engine Protection

Cellulose/Synthetic Blend Media

†FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of FP8A, 3387A, and 4967 or equivalent FRAM FPP or FPS models under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 micron

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FRAM Pro® Air Filters

Quality air filtration

Airflow Protection

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FRAM Pro® Cabin Air Filters

Quality cabin air filtration

Cabin Air Protection

Marketing Support Materials Available for Technicians. Contact Your FRAM Filtration Sales Representative for Details